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In 2010, the Northern Ireland Adult Safeguarding Partnership (NIASP) was set up to

“..... determine the strategy for safeguarding vulnerable adults, develop and disseminate guidance and operational policies and procedures, monitor trends and outcomes and monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of partnership arrangements.”

Three years on and the adult safeguarding landscape in Northern Ireland has changed dramatically. While much has been accomplished, new safeguarding issues continue to emerge.

This presentation will give a brief overview of the background to adult safeguarding in Northern Ireland and examine in more detail the challenges, constraints and enablers for the development of safeguarding services in the next 5 years. In particular, attention will be given to the interface between adult safeguarding and disability services, human trafficking and domestic and sexual violence.



Joyce McKee qualified as a Social Worker in 1983, and has worked for approximately 10 years as a Probation Officer.

In 2010 she was appointed to her current post as Regional Adult Safeguarding Officer in the Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland. She has lead responsibility for a range of initiatives to promote, develop and enhance adult safeguarding arrangements across Northern Ireland, within all adult Programmes of Care and settings.  She is expected to take the lead responsibility for the commissioning of effective procedural, organisational and professional arrangements, on a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency basis, in order to safeguard vulnerable adults.  She acts as Professional Advisor to the Northern Ireland Adult Safeguarding Partnership (NIASP) and ensures the smooth running of its operation, subgroups and management of resources.

This is a complex role that requires the ability to provide strategic leadership, set standards and goals, identify outcomes and performance indicators, lead planning and performance management processes and negotiate with a diverse range of services and providers across the statutory, voluntary, community and independent sectors, including the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, Local Commissioning Groups, Criminal Justice Agencies and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. This also involves the creation and maintenance of close working relationships with the Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety and other government departments in the development of regional policy initiatives.