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Elder Abuse in the News June 2010

Click on the links below to read recent articles published in the Irish press:

"Cuts causing 'great hardship' to older people",, 26.06.10

"Group formed to tackle financial elder abuse", Medical Independent, 24.06.10

"The forgotten generation", Medical Independent, 24.06.10

"HSE proceeds with closure of nursing home in Athlone", Irish Times, 23.06.10

"When older people are at risk", Irish Times, 22.06.10

"College should establish elder abuse programme", Irish Medical Times, 21.06.10

"An age-old problem", Irish Times, 15.06.10

"'Open Your Eyes' to elder abuse, urges HSE", Medical Independent, 15.06.10

"It's time we confronted the hard reality of elder abuse",, 14.06.10

"Nursing homes may face closure", Irish Times, 14.06.10

"A chance to keep older people local",, 11.06.10

"Group claims new regulations will close homes for the elderly", Irish Times, 11.06.10

90% of GPs deal with elder abuse, Medical Independent, 10.06.10

"HSE publishes elder abuse report 2009",, 08.06.10

"Elderly abused by family - research",, 08.06.10

"Half of elderly abuse victims targeted by son or daughter",, 08.06.10

"Over 1,800 cases of elder abuse",, 08.0610

"Elder abuse report launched", Medical Independent. 08.06.10

"Older people at greatest risk of abuse from closest relatives", Irish Tirmes, 08.06.10

"Health board", Irish Times, 01.06.10