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Elder Abuse in the News June 2011

"Two arrested after pensioner robbed of life savings", Irish Independent 29.06.11

"Thief posting as garda tricks pensioner out of life savings", Irish Independent 28.06.11

"Rostrevor owners may be prosecuted for breaches", Time, 28.06.2011

" Rostrevor staff issue will be examined", Time 24.06.2011

"HSE probe claims of elder abuse at public hospital", Examiner 24.06.2011

"Health authority praised in Rostrevor closure", Time 23.06.2011

"HIQA seek closure of local nursing home", Independent 22.06.2011

"Rostrevor House closure confirmed", Time 22.06.2011

"Rostrevor staff stage sit-in over pay issues", Time 22.06.2011

"Inspectors feared hypothermia risk at nursing home court told", Time 21.06.11

"Court bid to strike nursing home from the register", Time 20.06.11

"Nursing home a serious risk to its residents, say inspectors", Irish Independent 20.06.11

"HIQA have moved to have a Co Meath nursing home struck from the register", News/Ireland 20.06.2011

"Majority of Rostrevor residents now moved", Time 18.06.2011

"2,110 referrals of elder abuse in 2010", Examiner, 16.06.11"

"10pc rise in reports of elder abuse", Irish Independent 16.06.2011

"Study finds elderly 'dread' going into home", Times, 14.06.2011

"Watchdog has enough nursing home inspectors", Irish Independent, 14.06.11

"Elderly unwilling to report abuse", Irish Independent, 13.06.11

"1,760 claims of elderly abuse made in Ireland are investigated", Central, 11.06.2011

"HSE investigating 1,760 cases of abuse against elderly", Examiner, 10.06.11"

"Now gardai will probe abuse at horror home", Irish Independent, 09.06.11

"Nursing home residents beaten, kicked, abused, say care workers", Times, 09.06.2011

"Revealed: sick list of elder abuse claims at nursing home", Irish Independent, 08.06.11

"Minister 'horrified' by Rostrevor allegations", Times, 08.06.11

"Unacceptable practices found at nursing home", Examiner, 08.06.11