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Older Women and Sexual Violence in Ireland: Evidence from the Rape Crisis Centre

NCPOP Seminar hosted on the 25th November 2013


Older Women and Sexual Violence in Ireland - Evidence from Rape Crisis Centres from NCPOP on Vimeo.



Older Women and Sexual Violence in Ireland DVD from Rape Crisis Network Ireland  from RCNI on Vimeo.

Presentation Slides


The experience of sexual violence is not confined to any age group nor is there a limit on the duration of recovery for survivors.  However, details regarding the experience of sexual violence among older women are scarce. In this presentation, evidence drawn from the Rape Crisis Network Ireland’s National Statistical Database and case-studies of RCC service users about the sexual violence experiences of older women, barriers to help-seeking, and challenges in service-delivery will be assessed. These findings help define and direct appropriate responses and actions to care for older women survivors of sexual violence in Ireland.


Stacey Scriver, PhD, is a researcher and lecturer in the School of Political Science and Sociology at NUI Galway. Her research interests include gender, health and violence. She is co-author of Rape and Justice in Ireland (2009), co-editor of Religion, Gender and the Public Sphere (2013), and has authored the ‘Calling Time on Sexual Violence’ blog series, and the recent report ‘Hearing Child Survivors of Sexual Violence’ (2013) and has worked closely with organisations including Trocaire, UNFPA and the RCNI. She has also published in journals including Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, Journal of Power, and the Journal of Adult Protection.