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Older People's Experiences of Mistreatment and Abuse


To date, there has been a scarcity of research that has examined older people’s own accounts of the experiences of elder abuse. A review of the literature found that a small number of studies have been undertaken which reported older people’s experiences of abuse; however these have largely concerned older women only and have focused on specific aspects of abuse, such as intimate partner violence, verbal abuse, domestic violence, lifespan abuse, and psychological violence in marriage.

Aim and objectives

The aim of this study was to examine and describe older people’s experiences of abuse. The objectives were to examine the extent and impact of abuse on older people and their families; to examine the decision-making pathways and forms of action taken in response to the abuse; to explore the coping strategies adopted by older people to deal with the abuse; to identify the support needs of older people who have experienced abuse.


Click on the image below to access the NCPOP research report, video or presentation slides.

14th June 2012


Seminar video & presentation slides, Dr. Attracta Lafferty

14th June 2012



Presentation slides