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A Review of Elder Abuse Screening Tools for use in the Irish Context


Elder abuse screening tools have been suggested as a method of assisting practitioners to detect the risk of elder abuse (Fulmer et al. 2005) and these screening tools may offer the capacity
to highlight potential abuse which can lead to further investigation. The capacity of screening tools to detect potential abuse is particularly important as many professionals struggle to recognise elder abuse (Heath et al. 2005; Kennedy 2005; Newton 2005; Cooper et al. 2008a,b; Perel-Levin 2008; Killick and Taylor 2009). The paper presents the aims, the background rational and the approach adopted for the review. This is followed by a brief introduction to the context of elder abuse within the Irish population, risk factors for elder abuse, challenges in screening for potential elder abuse, discussion of a number of elder abuse screening tools and recommendations. (Please go to the report for references)


Aim and objectives

The aims of this review were:

  • To examine elder abuse screening tools internationally and identify a tool(s) of particular merit for potential use in the Irish context
  • To identify issues related to the use of elder abuse screening tools internationally
  • To make recommendations regarding the use of elder abuse screening tools in the Irish context

Click on the image below to access the NCPOP research report.

26th April 2012