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Reference Catalogue

The National Centre for the Protection of Older People has created a catalogue of references based on the literature on ageing, older people and elder abuse. The "Reference Search" can help you to search the extensive database and provide you with citations for books, journal articles and reports in the area of elder abuse. Where available, a link will be provided to the original document. Where a link is not provided, then the document can be located at your local university/library and/or can be purchased online from the publisher. The database will be updated periodically.

Search Parameters

Search Form Help


Enter all the keywords that you wish to search for in the References database into the box marked "Keywords". Examples of keywords would be the title, author's name, source/publication title, year published, or perhaps something more general like the topic it's based on eg "elder care" - It's a good idea to keep keywords simple, to ensure you do not miss what you're looking for. Please separate words with a normal space.


find ALL keywords / find ANY keywords:

Choose between find ALL keywords or find ANY keywords as the type of search to perform. find ALL keywords searches make all of your keywords necessary, and only those references that contain all keywords will be shown. find ANY keywords searches make all the keywords optional, so it will still show a reference even if it contains only one of the keywords you entered. This is the most common and flexible search and is selected by default.

find ALL, find ANY

Reference Type:

In this drop down menu are all of the reference types of the records currently in the database. Select any to show only those reference types or leave as "Select All" to display all references.

ref type