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Mobility Aids for the Elderly in Ireland

The welfare and protection of older people in a home care setting is of great importance as those ageing among us sometimes require assistance in everyday life.

Of course the majority of older people today are active and well. The perception of older adults has changed with much more positive stereotypes for our generation. The definition of an older adult is thankfully not what it was.

Mobility Ireland

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Living Aids for the Elderly

If you are worrying about yourself, a relative, or a friend, it is probably time to re-evaluate their current level of safety and mobility and see if there are simple ways to decrease risk.

It only takes one fall to cause serious injury so keep safe, keep mobile.


Gerontology involves developing expertise in the science of ageing. Gerontological Societies are multidisciplinary, made up of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and associated paramedical members.

Ageing research in the Irish elderly community has become of key importance with further education and at the forefront.

Reborn Dolls for the Elderly

Studies have shown that reborn baby dolls can be very beneficial from a therapeutic point of view.

It depends on the situation of course. They have been used in treatment for those with dementia but many people just enjoy them regardless, whether as a collector or otherwise.

They are of course not for everyone and this should be kept in mind as the elderly community deserve our utmost respect.