Bed Rails for the Elderly

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As we get older, our abdominal muscles, like every other muscle group slowly loses strength. This becomes obvious when we try and get out of bed and find the activity much more difficult than usual.

Those without ready assistance often find the addition of a bed rail very beneficial and feel more confident in maintaining their independence.

Bed Side Rails for the Elderly

The type of bed rail useful to the elderly consists of a simple handrail held in place by a horizontal frame that is placed beneath the mattress.

The simple design allows the user to make the most of their upper body strength when getting out of bed. It makes a previously difficult task simple to achieve.

Those living alone are often anxious about their mobility as this effectively maintains their independence. A simple device that provides help getting out of bed can restore confidence.

Addressing simple mobility concerns can have a positive effect on the quality of life of an elderly person.

As a basic bed assist rail can be bought for less than €50 , it’s much cheaper than changing the bed itself.

Gerontology is the scientific study of old age, the process of ageing, and the particular problems of old people. Thanks to the research and hard work of many over the years, we are now in a better position to care for the elderly in Ireland.